Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Christmas to one and all!

Welcome to the BHGC blog which has been set up to cover the 2013 Hang Gliding World Championships.

With the fire lit, rain lashing down outside, and the river running through our village threatening to burst its banks, it seems slightly unreal that in a matter of a few days our pilots will be coping with blistering sunshine, flying at 12'000, sometimes in t-shirt and shorts, and only in long trousers to avoid the scrubby bushland.

With some pilots already en-route to Australia, there is no turning back now. We have had great support from a variety of people and businesses, including Telstra/ZTE who are sponsoring all our mobile telephones communications, Simon Murphys Flying Circus for helping Tony Stephens fly a brand new Moyes glider and supplying a Glider Rider and to Winchester T-Shirt Printing Company for doing such a superb job at a great price on the team shirts. Talking of which, here is a sneak preview...

I will be flying out on the 1st January and arrive finally in Forbes late on the 3rd. For those of you who would like to follow our teams progress, I will be posting regular updates through out the competition. At the moment there is no official live tracking system in place, but there will be some pilots transmitting their positions so as soon as I know I will forward on the details. Time allowing there should be plenty of photos and even some videos published on to the blog, so watch this space.

With conditions similar to Texas in 2007 when we came away with the Team Win, who knows what might happen at Forbes. We certainly have the talent this time round, with all our team being outstanding competition winners in their own right , so things could get very exciting indeed.

Till then, enjoy the remaining twelve days of Xmas and see you in the New Year!


  1. I will be following it daily, really looking forward to it!


  3. Nice one ben look forward to keeping in "touch" with things. Good luck to the Team, have fun ;)

  4. Well done Ben I'm sure you'll do a great job for the team and I'm looking forward to reading the blog.

    Good Luck