Friday, 4 January 2013

21 hours of flying later we landed at Sydney having met up with British Pilot Gary Wirdnam and his partner Trudy during the stop over in Abu Dhabi. Jostling through the long queues to get through border control, and being "fast tracked" thanks to walking with a pair of hiking sticks and carrying a bottle of liquid morphine (it's along story best saved for another time) we were eventually met outside by a very cheery Steve Gale who had just picked up his 4x4 and caravan for the trip to Forbes. 

We started out on the long drive, admiring first the Blue Mountains and then the increasingly flat and hot terrain further inland. 

Blue Skies
Five hours later we arrived late afternoon at the Team's Hotel, Ben Hall Lodge. Kathleen Rigg was already back at base having flown for a couple of hours, while I could hear on the radio the rest of the crew making preparations to land. Having dropped off the team shirts I was driven to my accommodation by Michelle Taylor and Vicki Cann, competition organisers - to be honest, I think I may have lucked-out, with only Bruce Wynne (Safety Director) and a Brazilian pilot sharing this lovely family home.

Bruce Wynne working late in to the evening...

After a quick shower it was back off to meat up with Team GB: Grant Crossingham, Dave Matthews, Kathleen Rigg, Gordon Rigg, Tony Stephens, Carl Wallbank and  Gary Wirdnam, all of whom had been flying except for Gary. Gordon was unable to join the team for dinner as he had been  invited off to discuss the complex issues surrounding Sprog measuring again. Tomorrow we have a "Sprog Training Session" to make sure all the gliders are set up correctly - there will be spot checks during the competition. And by the way, if any of you missed it, Grant's brand new glider was attacked by eagles who managed to make some large holes in his lovely new sail. 

Eagle damage on a new sail
Well, now back at base, about to get a good nights sleep before Sprogs and more practice flying tomorrow. 

Until then,

Good Night!

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